tidbits and revolution!
Posted By: Chris BisoskiDate: 8/22/01 8:59 a.m.

2 tidbits I think most of us know, but what the heck. And then, the revolution!

the pattern of yellow and black stripes is one of natures signs for "danger! Go away!"- notice they show up in marathon1 at all the terminals and doorways. This makes sense because 2 of the 3 AI's are stark raving loopy, and one of them controls the doors, and both of them are pains in the neck. Makes me think that the early game drafts involve giving durandal controll of the doors- so if we displeased him he might crush us with a seemingly benighn open doorway.

Also, the main menu that Marathon 1 displays is actually a computer disk. The little circular bolts are pivots, and if you imagine everything rotating and sliding centerwards, it looks too much like a computer disk to be anything else. Hey- what did the disks look like that the game originally shipped on? It wasn't grey floppies with grey stickers, was it?


I imagine demov0.0 and climbing BOBs who accomplish objectives we can't. Then it struck me:

Why don't the teams at aleph1 try and revive some of that oldschool stuff from the betas, instead of adding better graphics? The things that the story page has helped uncover as being the original visions of Bungie, but just never implemented because of time constraints: non-linearity, climbing bobs, and spiders that instead of exploding actually scamper back off and tell thier friends to come and get you (ever try chasing something that you really really have to kill? Sounds fun- kind of like a network game...) there was more- Bernard Strauss and the alien egg.

I'm willing to bet that if some of us told Bungie that they were serious about trying to turn aleph1 into what Marathon was meant to be, that some of the people at Bungie would actually come foward and give us some of their original thoughts towards the story and non-linearity and the other tidbits we've uncovered in hopes that aleph1 could become what Bungie had originally drempt about doing way back in 95.

Aleph1 has come a long way. The smoothed textures and GL rendering are good things. But do we only want to preserve the original game, even though we would all admit that it is an incomplete game? Why not complete the game instead of enhancing its' long unfinished state? We need to make the dream a reality. Wouldn't that be a better thing?

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