S.O.S! -M1A1 problems
Posted By: Joshua JansenDate: 8/21/01 6:09 a.m.

Okay- dig this.

I'm all happy that I get to finally play Marathon with a wider screen and everything, but I have a serious problem with the game, almost right from the beginning.

In 'never burn money,' you need to pick up 3 chips. The engine will allow me to pick up only one, and then ignores the other two. Why am I the only one that seems to be having this problem?

In addition, my new copy of A1 refuses to run M1A1 in anything but 256 colors. The other color settings make the hud start flashing on and off. Does anyone have a decent set of preferences to combat this? (or is there a newer version that I am unaware of?)

I am on a Pismo (PB firewire) 500 with 256 RAM, half of it slow. I have X, but start up in classic to play Marathon. I moved the contents of the M1 folder into my A1 folder, just so you know.

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