Volunteers: Beware Of Low Flying Defense Drones
Posted By: SidohDate: 8/20/01 7:37 a.m.

This level is a filler, sort of. We do learn a few things. Durandal let some M.A.D.D. go wild. I quote "They're relativly harmless, I don't think I gave them any ammo for those grenade launchers". Looks like his though was wrong. And to think he is a computer... We also learn that Bernhard Strauss knew of the 10 Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborgs aboard the Marathon. And, we get to see a Tycho/Durandal fight. Joy. Then we're whisked away after a few more enemies to go free the sph't. Why, though, are we sent to Euphoria??? Shouldn't we go to Phoraphobia?! Ah well, more killing, joy!

This level has a neat layout. It uses large corridors and elevated walls. If your playing M1A1 dont forget that room full of weapons. It should be obvious how to get there. And, who could forget the invincibility power-up. If you were cheap like me you ran down off the first ledge and dashed for the 3x recharger (this is on TC folks). Now pick up that invincibility power-up and the hidden rocket launcher (M1A1 only I think) and blast back up there. Now you can kill everything =D. On to Euphoria *gulp*.

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