The third race?
Posted By: Hamish SinclairDate: 8/19/01 8:43 a.m.

There's an interesting thread on the TeamXbox forum from an individual who claims to be... and I quote... "Product Manager (Marketing Slime) on Halo". The poster uses the aka "Perfect Cowboy" which has been used by a Bungie employee in the past. Perfect Cowboy purports to answer a number of questions posed by TeamXbox forum readers. Some of the answers are quite inciteful suggesting that the source is geniune. Here's one story related piece:


Can you give any details about the environments we will be playing in? I can tell from the screenshots and movies that there will be trees, and hills, and of course, the insides of bases, and you mentioned a swamp, but is that all, or are there other nifty places for us to search out, and destroy stuff in?

Huge outdoor and indoor environments.

Outdoor= Swamps, tundra, desert, island tropical, forrest,
Indoor= Covenant, Human and ????? (hehe you will see)


Now were the five question marks intentional or just a subconscious slip? ;-)

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