Volunteers: Neither High Nor Low
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 8/12/01 4:12 p.m.

A difficult and fairly linear level, it revives the earlier trick of randomly respawning monsters. This level has a huge supply of wasps, and they constantly flit around the larger rooms, dropping down on you and following you down the corridors.

The first thing to do upon entering the level is to head to the right, blast the Hunter out of his alcove, fight off the Wasps who hear you do this, and use the 2x recharger farther down the hall. The next step is to go back past the terminal, kill everything in the dark room, and jump across the pillars to reach a cache of ammo and a pattern buffer. This location is also the entrance to a network of tunnels that gets you to the floor of several of the larger rooms in the level, clearing them out now will save you from some sniping later on.

The crusher area is another rather useless puzzle, pushing the level into the implausible category. Fortunately, as you approach the final switch, one of the pillars in the spiral room slides up, allowing you to bypass it on future passes through the level, which you will have to make if you miss the jump to the rising platform.

Secrets abound in the third area, where a maze of halls off to the side hides an ammo cache, a flamethrower (which must be grenade hopped to), and a 3x recharger inside a wall.

Don't forget to pick up the almighty SPNKR on the ledge across from the exit terminal when you leave; there's also some ammo and a 3x recharger to sweeten the pot.

As the level notes tell us, this level was also planned to be vacuum, but switched to normal for unknown reasons, leaving strangely open windows and the alcove where an oxygen charger probably used to be.

Another wierd feature of this level is the invisible Lookers, which is never explained anywhere (of course, neither are the Lookers themselves).

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