Major important thought
Posted By: Speaker-To-AnimalsDate: 8/10/01 6:26 a.m.

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: It's not, but I like the idea... However, it's not really consistent
: throughout the game. There are a lot of levels on the surface of the moon
: with very strange layouts (Neither High Nor Low) and inside the moon with
: non-strange layouts (SLN/TLC).
How do you know they're on the surface? The windows? Look below...
: A bigger beef I have with Marathon's general design is the overuse of
: windows. It's nearly impossible to see the outside of the ship, even when
: all the windows combined let the player look outside in almost any
: direction. If every single window on the level pointed north, that level
: would be built into the north side of the Marathon, but when you have
: windows a hundred yards apart looking out opposite sides of a ship that
: was supposed to be two kilometers across then there is something very
: wrong :)
How do you know that those are windows? Windows are susceptible to attack, meteorites, vacuum leakage, and other such things. If I were designing the Marathon, I would make fake windows out of a holographic camera feed mounted on the surface. That way, you could watch TV on your windows, too.
Yes, I know this has no basis.

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