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Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 8/8/01 8:30 p.m.

This is one of my least favorite M1 levels, and I'm sure the same goes for a lot of other people. There isn't a lot of fighting, and the whole thing generally comes down to running back and fourth through the (rather large, I might add) level raising the platforms to perfection. Then there's that little room with the AR, SPNKR and TOZT that we aren't able to access. I can imagine that people some people have spent hours tabbing the walls looking for a non-existant secret door to get in there. Ah well...

Nothing really special about this level. The music wasn't anything special, the fighting wasn't great... The platform puzzle was memorable, but in a bad way. I think it might have been better if some of the monsters would reappear every once in a while to take our minds off of the task at hand.

The monster selection wwas okay, but again, nothing special. Too many lookers, and not enough trropers or hunters. Maybe even a juggernaut in the platfor room... :)

Once we manage to get to the top, we're greeted with a wave-style staircase, although it wasn't quite as good as the original. More fighters and wasps, another lame-o platform game, and off to Habe Quiddam. Yay!

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