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Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 8/7/01 9:36 a.m.

Err... We kind of got a bit behind there. In todays edition, we get to make up for the two we missed. Enjoy!


While there is some pretty design here, it ends up looking pretty fake. (Who else noticed that the designer had a crushing platform fetish?)

A lot of Bobs to save, and a lot of monsters to make it difficult. I actually tried to save 'em this time, but it just didn't work. Humph...

There's a neat ambush later on in the level when you walk up to a door at the end of a long hallway. "Apply grenades liberally!!"

At least you still get to continue if you let too many Bobs die...

Shake Before Using

A couple of secret areas at the begining, one of them a secret within a secret. Not too hard to find, since they're both shown-off in the various maps we're shown by Durandal.

Still, we're stuck with a fake-looking design. The long, dark hallway with the narrow walkway is just too fake for me. They could have at least place some troopers along the side...

This is the first level with an automatic exit instead of an exit terminal, and certainly not our last. Now we're stuck doing Durandal's bidding.


This is a rather short level. It leave a sort of unsatisfied feeling when you're done with it.

Those darn wasps come back to meet us, but at least they aren't that hard to kill. It's our first encounter with lava too...

A lot of ammo can be found here if you're on the lookout. Especially the stash of ar ammo in the final room. Remember, grenade jumping is your friend.

This level sort of looks real, but you certainly would find nothing like it on a real ship. Nevertheless, it's a nice break from the other levels...

And off to "Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap"... *shudder*

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