Volunteers- Cool Fusion
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 8/2/01 3:51 p.m.

Great music on this level, it matches the darkness. This level feels very mechanical, and uses the textures well, even if the design is more in the "Why the hell did they build this?" category. Some fun stuff to do though.

Of course there's the famous bit about Leela not caring about whether or not you get a fusion pistol (and why should she? You get one at the beginning of the next level). And indeed, if you don't look carefully it can be somewhat difficult to find the fusion pistol, at the end of a dark hall like so many others.

The first surprise on this level is the ability to toggle switches with grenades; if you didn't know about this yet you'd better learn quickly. Hmm... I wonder if that would be useful anywhere else? The second surprise is a health charger with a peculiar yellow tint... Double the health! And you'll need it for surprise number three: The first invisible compilers since Bigger Guns Nearby. They dive down at you in the first of several large, dark rooms, and your motion sensor is suddenly useless. Not to mention their complete silence. Get used to checking your six every so often...

Another famous feature of this level is the Pit, and the way to defeat it while playing on TC or vidding the level. I couldn't get this to work since I fell off the ledge too soon, but I was on normal, so I just dived into the melee and killed everyone myself :P

The Wave is another part of the game that no human would possibly design, build, or use. A mechanism that kills its operators? A piece of dangerous machinery in the middle of a room, blocking the only door out? WTF?

The last room on the level is a lot of fun, with invisible compilers lurking everywhere and a stream of powerful aliens pouring out of the terminal alcove at you. Cat and mouse at its best.

Leela is starting to disintegrate, she warns of communication problems and her terminals are becoming garbled. However, she will be clearer on the next level. Story reshuffling?

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