"Death is Dead," etc.
Posted By: DonPistolaDate: 3/23/03 1:18 p.m.

This is in response to Colin Ferguson's submission to the news.

: In that novel there is a line "Death is dead, long live death."
: This is similar to Bungie's official response to Phoenix questions:
: "Phoenix is dead, long live Phoenix."

That strikes me as a bit of a stretch. In England, when the King dies, they (used to?) announce, "The King is dead, long live the King." The same goes for the Queen, of course. This is meant to show that after the King (or Queen) dies, a new one takes his or her place immediately. My point is that the saying does not originate with Piers Anthony. I had always figured that by saying "Phoenix is dead, long live Phoenix," Bungie meant that, when they declared Phoenix dead, they immediately began working on another project.

: there is a soldier claiming that he is hunting "Seventh Communists."
: Sounds a bit like "Seventh Columnists," does it not?

Okay, yeah. But I wouldn't go so far as to say it meant anything. The name Seventh Column, I imagine, is meant to be a reference to the expression "fifth column." Fifth column activities are acts of espionage committed by insiders. As any fool knows, the purpose of the Seventh Column is to help Bungie take over the world, so espionage is appropriate. And Bungie is rather fond of the number 7.

As for Marty's reply, you may have noticed that they say cryptic stuff in response to just about everything. What he said was probably a Piers Anthony quote, but not having read any of his books before, I can't claim to know.

While I'm all for wild speculation, sometimes people get a little too wild. For instance, suggesting that every symbol with concentric circles is a Marathon logo...

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