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Posted By: Some guyDate: 7/22/01 6:55 p.m.

Hate spewed across the galaxy in a high crusade. metal ships leaped from world to world and hurtled across space to farther and farther stars. Planets surrendered their ores to sky-reaching cities, built around fortress-temples and supported by vast networks of technology. Then more ships were spawned, armed with incredible weapons, and sent forth in the eternal search for enemy.

In the teeming cities and aboard the questing ships, soulwrenching music was composed, epic fiction and supernal poetry were written, and great paintings and sculpture were developed, to be forgotten as later and nobler work was done. Science strove for the ultimate limit of understanding, fought against that limit, and surged past it to limitless possibilites. But behind all the arts and sciences lay the drive of religion, and the religion was one of ancient anger and dedicated hate.

The ships filled the galaxy until every owrls was conquered. For a time, they hesitated, preparing for the great leap outward. Then the armadas sailed again, scross thousands and millions of light-years toward the beckoning galaxies beyond.

With each ship went the holy image of their faith and the unsated and insatiable hunger of their hate......

(the above was completely taken from Lester Del Ray)

Sound like anyone we know?

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