"Never Burn Money" Thoughts
Posted By: FinniganDate: 1/21/03 7:32 a.m.

Just got to play this level (Daughter was kind enough to take an hour nap!) and was thinking about 3 things.

1. "What's in a name?" "Never burn money" is sort of a "waste not, want not" related phrase. Could the name have to do with all the items you collect on the level, most of which we find in lockers akin to wall safes?

2. Terminal 2 ends with an unauthorised acess message in a room that doesn't even seem to appear on this or any previous level. Any idea where it is?

3. The Gherrit White (actually I missed this terminal, but read it here) message reads an aweful lot like fiction writing. It was suggested it was a dream, but I wouldn't discribe a dream in this way. Could it be a literary reference or quote in it's entirety? (outside the references embedded in it like those to Lovecraft).

Just some thoughts.

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