Trilogy Box Sets in the American Midwest
Posted By: MattDate: 1/9/03 2:08 p.m.

So there I was, finishing up some holiday shopping in the western Chicago suburbs when I chanced across a small Macintosh store. I wandered in and found two Marathon Trilogy Box Sets sitting out where just anybody could handle them. Still shrinkwrapped and everything. I asked where they found them and the guy said they'd had them sitting around for years. They were selling them for the full MSRP ($59.95) which seems like a lot to me, but hey, if you never got a Trilogy Box Set and are still kicking yourself, here's your chance to just walk into a store and buy one. Assuming you live nearby. Maybe they do mail order, who knows? Their website is www.macspecialist.com.

Just thought it might be of interest to somebody.


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Trilogy Box Sets in the American MidwestMatt 1/9/03 2:08 p.m.
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