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Posted By: goranDate: 1/4/03 12:52 a.m.

Have the mapmakers died? Sad but true many actually have. Now if this is alephone fault or not I'm not sure. And I don't think you should go blame alephone for it either. How I see it is that every mapmaker nowadays jumps into creating big scenarios instead of creating normal sized maps. Big scenarios are good, but more often than not is the task too challenging and time consuming than the mapmakers predicted. Which leaves them dead some months later.

Of course every scenario don't die, we have great examples of such. Take GoF and PoS for example. But the problem is still there none the less...it's takes all too long time in general. If there's no small maps to feed the people during the wait they will eventually starve.

Myself I hunger for some new stuff to play right now... but by judging on situation it seems like the best I got is my own maps.

In the future I hope for more mapmakers to choose the way of creating small things over big things. If everybody would do this, could you then imagine the flow of maps we would get. The healthy competition between mapmakers. Presumably this would favour the players too I belive.
However this is just a mirage for me, I doubt it ever will come true.

AlephOne!!? Now I gonna be a little more offense in my writing, you'll have to excuse me. I am very tired of all the ppl who blame Alephone for our current situation and hate the programmers for making the engine too power consuming for their stone age macs. Seriously does the nail that sticks up always need to get hammered down. AlephOne provides us with the most powerful and original features marathon seen to date, so now don't you ruin it. None to blame. I know you have the desire to point the finger and blame the other, but please don't. We don't get it better by your whining. Trust the power and fly with it.

-goran "creator of the yota saga"

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