Level #4
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 6/23/01 3:16 p.m.

[box]                need drones working

Level #: 3 (repair the defense center)
Level Name: [circled in red: Defense Center]
Author: Alex
Collection: Alex
What monsters: fighter, compiler, wasp[?], defense drones

Missions: install 3 chips (repair)

#0 -------- -------

Computer Terminals:
the compilers are not the same specis as the aliens, which call themselves the [already crossed out: phor] pfhor, a (report [--->on back] from autopsy) Durandal says says the aliens call themselves the pfhor. (durandal is alive)
checkpoints where to go to insert chips
1 EXIT terminal with compiler describing rampancy
2terminal in mfg center
go/you; the defenses have been activated
(tirade about how good that is)
-more on the next level when you get there...

[Alongside terminal texts]
L030 done
L031 rampancy done
L039 rant done

Level 4, back:
0: chip insertion #1
1: chip insertion #2
2: chip insertion #3
3: supply room w/Ammo
4: Access Control Room w/Recharge

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