Photos of the Marathon Floppies
Posted By: rebDate: 9/23/02 8:04 a.m.

In Response To: The code (millionmice)

The Marathon games included on the Mac Action Sack don't require serial numbers and Bungie is not quite cooperative in this matter, so I guess it's OK.

Mushy sent me pictures of the floppies -- two of each one. That proves he's not only a legitimate owner of the game but a fan also.

It was a pleasant surprise for me, because I've never seen them before. I'm posting links to the pictures here for anyone interested.

Disk 1
Disk 1 (close up)

Disk 2
Disk 2 (close up)

Disk 3
Disk 3 (close up)

Disk 4
Disk 4 (close up)

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