Level description #3
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 6/21/01 5:07 p.m.

X            need chip items
            need wasps

Level #: 2 (get chips to repair the mad[?] center)
Level Name: [circled: L02.manufacturing level]
Author: Greg
Collection: Greg
Environment: Normal
What monsters: Comp, fighter, wasp
Items: 3 chips- stored in cubbyholes
Missions: retreval
obvious [?] to open [?] bays

Computer terminals:
0 entry: leela's foreshadowing of destruction
term #1
checkpoint: where materials come out
1 Term #2 Malfunction. materials unable to be transported [side note: check exit text] -must
find them at this location
2 Durandal's gloating Gheritt White section in secret area
3 Another terminal place for some random info

9 [boxed: Exit] Aliens are going for engineering section-
must be kept from reaching the reactor or else
all will
be in vain


L020 Dan
L021 Dan
L029 Dan

[boxed: X]

We need a better way of identifying these, since they don't really match the real levels... How about, as I am doing, posting the number of the document on arrival? Then we can synchronize and avoid duplicating each other's work.

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Level description #3Mark Levin 6/21/01 5:07 p.m.
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