G4 Sunbathing
Posted By: Joe MahmaDate: 6/21/01 2:48 p.m.

G4 Sunbathing

oxygen death
oxygen recharge
breathing sounds

Level #: 8 (reset the satellite sidh & talk to Earth)
Level Name: Reset Dish Hail Earthlings (Now, how did they get "G4 Sunbathing?")
Author: Greg
Collection: Greg
Environment: Vacuum
What monsters: Trooper, Hunter, Compiler
Items: Radio Dish

1. Keep from suffocating
2.Re-align satellite dish

Computer Terminals:
0 [ENTRY] Reset Dish -> Send message to Earth -> Situation dire.
Hostile alien contact cannot go without being reported.
There's good evidence from sensor logs the aliens have FTL travel so this may all be in vain, but...

9 [EXIT] Aliens have surrounded Bobs near engineering section. Defenses there have collapsed as more powerfull forces were brought to [here?].
(Colony just got attacked)


It seems that the vacuum environment hadn't been fully developed yet...

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