Cool Fusion
Posted By: Joe MahmaDate: 6/21/01 2:26 p.m.

Cool Fusion

Level #: 7 (get the fusion gun)
Level Name : Cool Fusion
Author: Jason
Collection: Jason
Environment: normal
What monsters: fighter, wasp, troopers (x5)
Items: fusion pistol, fusion ammo

Missions: retrueval of fusion gun
*first level which requires switches to be triggered by grenades, (et al.)

Computer Terminals: (Leela is fading)
we need to warn earth, but the main comm. dish is destroyed. to operate in a vacuum & repair it you'll
need a vacuum capable weapon

#0 checkpoint: get the fusion gun it's cool

L070 Done
L079 Done

rescued bob debrief chapter #2:
Information about the enforcer.
Info on Tycho being unreachable and being in contact with Durandal
Vacuum -> fusion gun + pistol work


So, this map was made before the fire in vacuum settings were completed?

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