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Posted By: Rincewind MoGDate: 6/21/01 1:31 p.m.

In Response To: Durandal Story Outline Transcription (Rincewind MoG)

Ross CBS (Fearless leader of the Battle Mage Project) sent ime this transcription of the last page. There's still no trace of the second one, though ;) This is all his work, not mine.

Pfhor control the sky
player and bob attack and subvert Pfhor corvette
Durandal crashes the corvette into the flagship carrier
alien guns on dead aliens; very little ammunition from Durandal
gambit (x4)
"we have no resources for an offensive; we must locate the S'pht'Kr"-(11th clan)
descent to an even-more abandonded segment of citadel
Durandal deduces their new homeworld, sends ansible signal
S'pht weapons and ammunition on skeletal S'pht
invaders (x3)
Durandal's ship is discovered on the moon, and is attacked
the Pfhor, at Tycho's insistence, wish to capture Durandal intact
the defense fails; the ship is taken; Durandal teleports survivors down to
the planet "abandon ship!" to try their luck with the Pfhor
endgame (x4)
the S'pht'Kr arrive, annihilating the Pfhor fleet


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