Big Level (The Rose)
Posted By: Joe MahmaDate: 6/21/01 1:27 p.m.

level #: 5 (evacuate don't kill bobs you trapped in level 4)
Level Name: big level
Author: Greg
Collection: Greg
Environment: normal
What monsters: fighter, bobs, hulk, compiler, defense drones
Items: ammunition

Missions: rescue
open level, lots of bobs near lots of aliens
try not to kill civilians

Computer Terminals:

short introduction with unreadable checkpoints unreadable showing bob unreadable concentrations
unreadable that bobs appear on overhead map
(1) Term 1 History of Mars, ETC
Term 2 ??
Serious repr???d if too many civilians get killed
Aliens [unreadable] suprised by voracity of
the counter attack take some offensive
action ->

hidden PISTOL

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