Couch Fishing
Posted By: Joe MahmaDate: 6/21/01 12:37 p.m.

|Counter Attack|

Level #: 4 (restore control to Leela of Durandals stuff)
Level Name: unreadable Couch Fishing
Author: Jason
Collection: Jason
Environment: Normal
What monsters: compiler, fighter, wasp
Items: Ammo pistol Ammo

1. Hit repair switch
Repair is easy escape is difficult

Computer Terminals:
+覧覧+ Take control of area from Durandal. He has
entered next first stage of Rampancy. Leela has just talked
It would be dangerous to leave control of this
critical section to an insane computer

checkpoint zero 0,1,2 is are the switch you must flip
3 one is the entry terminal

+覧覧+ Message from Bobs about switch resetting doors and
allowing Aliens to infiltrate any otherwise sealed area
It's not clear whether Durandal did this on purpose
right before he lost control or not


And, over on the right, you find:


It is obvious that Durandal was originally intended to be in the Anger stage, but was later changed to the Melancholly stage.

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