Durandal Story Outline Transcription
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I actually found the M2 Outline much more interesting than the level notes, but its a well know fact roughly 50% of my brain died from playing StarCraft for a few months, so... what was I talking about? Anyway, here's the beginnings of an ASCII translation: Hand-written stuff is in italics It's rife with errors, most of them mine, but its somethign to stard with.
(PAGE 1):
Pfhor invasion (antiquity)

Lh'won razed (marshes into deserts) tedran . (geograhie)

700,000 S'pht taken as slaves

clans dissolved

S'pht have excellent aptitude with computers and become the Pfhor's

cybernetic computer operators (bug like intelligent being, cybernetic cineill toe mcBilu B The pfhor.)

S'pht royalty is slaughtered

royalty can communicate and influence thousands of S'pht


genetically engineered Pfhor cyborgs take over this role (kill on Marathon invasion)

best-effort to assure no S'pht remain alive ?

planet abandoned
[Note from Rincey: This whole section was enclosed in a bracket thingy that said Past Ps 1000yr ., but I wasn't sure how to do this in HTML]
S'pht'kr citadel

long abandoned under&above ground

some mutated native life (breathing native atmosphere), equally hostile

to pfhor, humans and each other

lots of Pfhor and their slaves

mostly reactivated by the Pfhor occupation force

computers operational, network in disrepair

some oxygenated areas; pfhor oxygen/energy stations in most others
Events on Tau Ceti after Marathon 1

Pfhor reinforcements arrived 3 months after Durandal left

reached Tau Ceti after receiving ansible (FTL) distress signal from the

original Pfhor scoutship shortly before Durandal's takeover

the colony is destroyed and enslaved

Durandal knew this would happen; he discovered a distress signal

which had been broadcast from the scout during the takeover, and knew

the Pfhor would be coming. this is why he transported you off the ship

instead of leaving you behind as he had originally intended
Pfhor occupation (modern)

lead to Lh'won by Tycho
Whats Durandal's Tycho easily communicated with the second-wave Pfhor's S'pht when they arruve at Tau Ceti
motive? Tycho related S'pht "myth of the last free clan, which left Lh'won before the Pfhor invasion in antiquity 11th clan
Find 11th clan + the Pfhor in paranoia reason that the S'pht and Durandal have left in
Jjaro tech search of this lost clan, and that they will return to Lh'won to discover its whereabouts

they bring Tycho, leaving the Marathon nearly intact but with Leela
[Note from Rincey: That sort of weird handwritten stuff at the beginning of some of those lines is supposed to be in the margins, only here there are none :p]

purged, and a large number of human slaves

arrived nearly 17 full years ahead of Durandal, free S'pht

Durandal knows only vaguely the location of Lh'won (ex-marsh world

in a specific cluster in the core)

the Pfhor have Lh'won autodial; they take slave revolts seriously

trying to discover the whereabouts of the lost clan before Durandal

but not doing a very good job; work has almost entirely stalled

the Pfhor have been unable to locate the rogue scoutship and believe it

lost after so much time.

the garrison becomes frat and razy

Pfhor arrive; reactivate S'pht'Kr complex and begin search

Durandal, free S'pht arrive with player
[End of page 1]

Oxygenated areas? Leela Purged? Garrisons that are "Frat" and "Razy"?

The plot thicks...

The Midlands: Frat and Razy since 2001

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