Level 2
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 6/21/01 8:26 a.m.


Level #: 1 (get the assault rifle)
Level name: [circled in red: you need a bigger gun]
Author: Jason
Collection: Jason
Environment: normal
What monsters: compiler, fighter
Items: assault rifle, lots of ammo (AR+pistol)
Missions: escape (get AR)
must togger[toggle?] stairway

Computer Terminals:
0Entry colony's shuttles have been destroyed but it hasn't been attacked
marathon's defenses have been deactivated damaged I'm trying to [?]
the same attack damaged the other 2 AIs
Checkpoint: assault rifle desc: very inaccurate
infiltrated terminal describes doors

you're going to
marathon's automated defenses have been disabled,
you're going to a mfg. center to get a chip(s)
to repair it
-this will slow the alien's sweep of the ship

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