Level 1
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 6/21/01 6:57 a.m.

This is my transcript of level description #1 from arrival... including all words and as much ancillary material as possible without disrupting the flow of the "final" text:

[boxed: ARRIVAL]

Level name: [crossed out: Welcome] Arrival
Level #: 0
Author: Greg
collection: Jonas
Environment: normal
What monster: compiler, fighter, bob (one)
Items: pistol ammo + AR ammo/grenade cache

[crossed out: What you do:] mission: escape
get to teleporter via air ducts & leave
pick up ammo

[crossed out: What you learn:] computer terminals [nearby note: 1,2 infiltrated terminals]
[boxed: Entry Terminal] marathon has been invaded, seriously damaged
doors don't work in this seck[?] of the ship
>you're going to get a bigger gun soon

[boxed: Exit terminal] compilers are computer infiltrators, kill them all
[therefore] computer attacks on da AIs by viruses
>you're going to a storage area to get a gun (see you there)

2 other infiltrated terminal of garbage w/ compilers

[lower right: Pistol]

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