YO! Marathon raps!
Posted By: YossarianDate: 6/2/02 11:12 p.m.

So I'm chillin' with my peeps down planetside
When word comes from the M-thon:
"get ready for a ride!"
So I grab the microphone, a 44.,
a last swig from the bottle before I hit the door

So I'm on the Mirata, pumpin' the alpine,
livin' big and large, you know i'm PRIME TIME
listenin' to the beats..just day dreamin'
little did I know that crazy A.I.'s
been doin' some schemin'

Ended up on the ship
it wasn't no big deal
i see these ugly-ass creatures
and remember thinkin
"Man, this ain't for real!"
I had a clip in my Mag, yo my s**t was tight
i got the moves i got the speed yo I'm DYNAMITE
popped one in the head, another in the chest
took less than a second to slay the rest
replaced the clip by the terminal light
heh, yeah
little punk-ass fools came lookin' for a fight

Through some dark corridors I go walkin'
seen some s'pht
they all come chargin' at me
but I kill their s**t
they all mad and hissin'
but I ain't to blame
cause orange compilers ain't got no game
I took the big M-A,
the seventy-five
so when the fools round the corner
i don't take no dive
takin' 'em out, one by one
by jus' keepin the finger on the trigger
of my dope-ass gun
and where theres too many pfhor
for the bullets i'm sprayin'
i give seven grenades, yo you know I ain't playin
you know the hunters and cyborgs
might laugh at my gat
but soon they be runnin'
cuz they know YO my fusion is PHAT

So i'm on G4 sunbathin'
naw, better yet The Rose
bugs from all directions
but I'm on my toes
pull out the double pistols
and when they're finished
i use the AR to clean up my business
and in the one in mil chance
that I ever miss
i bust on out swingin' crazy with the fists
dead bugs every where
but don't call it no day
cuz I keep on fightin'
in my old school way.

enforcers come trippin
they be crazy bugs
but they don't say nothin
when I give 'em the slug
double barrelled shotguns roaring up in the house
pfhor gettin colder and deader
than Bernard Strauss

You'd think they'd learn
to let me be
but my favorite teacher's always been
a charged TOTZ-T
I be givin' the fools a small demonstration
go burnin their asses down
Carroll Street Station

and when the Juggs start rollin up
in twos and threes
I just pull out the SPNKR
they be beggin please
you know I could spare 'em
show some class
but I've always been a sucker
for that nuclear blast

When I'm replacin some chips
or bustin' up circuits
i'm always on top
Yo I know how to work it
whether I'm working for
Leela, Tycho, or D
i got the goodz and the skillz
yo that's why they came to me.
I get the jobs
and do 'em right
kick a hole, pull the plug then i'm outta sight
BoB's best be careful
when they come to say hello
cuz the way I see it
ALL BoB's bleed yellow.
there's a dude that don't like this
yo his name's Blake
and when he gets real angry
i tell him its all a misake

So - now - we're -

On to Marathon in-fin-i-ty
yo this scenarios trippin
just like 'Dark Side back in '73
do it over and over and over again
but yo it's no sweat
you know I always win
hat's off to the boys
in six-eighteen
and when its all said and done
yo was that a DREAM?

See what's new on the forums
like I've been doing for years
some cool mofo just restarted
remembrin' good times playin
Rubicon for days
and yo I got much love
for the Salinger plank
and a shout-out to Hamish
the guy with the most
with the news, announcements,
and E-bay posts
50$ for a shrinkwrapped copy?
man they trippin
but before I know it
its my card number out I'm givin
gotta have that Bungie swag
get all I can
doin' any little thing
to support THE MAN.
Mad props to Bungie
for keepin it real
though I still ain't forgot
bout that June 19th

I could rap all day
and rap all night
but you don't check it twice
cause you know i got it right

PEACE. we gone...


Oh yeah, check out this shizat

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