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: So what's on it?

It's pretty sweet for a freebie. It's great seeing this stuff in full screen on my Mac that has a DVD player. The hunter looks real cool. The gameplay looks awesome.

It has MacWorld 1999, E3 2000, Gamestock 2001.

Development team members speak about the game, technical features, and some developement while a movie plays.
Shikai Wang & Steve Abeyta, John Howard & Jaime Griesemer, Marty O'Donnell & Joe Staten , Alexander Seropian & Hamilton Chu. (Learn how to pronounce the names! Bernie got a mention.)

Concept Art
Images and there's a movie of the storyboard for the first intro of the game.

5 music Tracks your can play in the DVD

Screenshots with descriptions of the game freatures (like Mission Variety and Indoor Outdoor)

It has some windows content:
Windows Media player Demo package, 4 audio tracks in compressed in WMA, Windows Media PLayer 7.1, Halo media Player skin, Halo Desktop theme for XP

I don't have WMP or Windows so I didn't check out any of that stuff.

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