The lost human colonies in halo.
Posted By: Rick BlaineDate: 5/8/02 3:38 p.m.

Let's talk about the Lost Human Colonies in Halo. Well, what about them? They're just some random idea that Bungie threw into the story just to confuse us, right?
Nope. They're very important. If they weren't important (at least, more important than ambient creatures), they wouldn't be in there. Bungie could have edited them out of the game. Circular reasoning? Sure it is. The Anthropic Principle is another example of circular reasoning, and it works for me.
The existence of the colonies a hard fact of the Halo universe, so you can't just throw them out. You have to explain them. Let's see if we can using only the information found on the Halo DVD or in FoR. Then let's see if we can do better by drawing on the Multiverse.

1) Are these really humans?
Sure they are. Bungie says so.
2) Really?
One definition of a species is the ability of individuals to mate and produce fertile offspring, so if this is possible, then the colonies are populated by folks who are as human as you or me.
3) Did these humans evolve independently?
I doubt it. The chances of a second species evolving just like us is vanishingly small.
4) So where did they come from?
If they didn't evolve seperately, then they must have been taken from a central place.
4) Where is this place?
Earth. Unless you want to claim that the entire fossil record is all one big fake.
5) Earth? We have no records of a mass exodus! You're nuts! When did this happen?
If we have no records, then it must have happened before we *could* have made records, that is before the invention of writing, about 4000 years ago (unless you want to argue that some external agent _destroyed_ all records of the exodus). Also we can say that it couldn't have happened before about 30000 years ago, (give or take a couple thousand), because Homo Sapiens had not yet sent Homo Neanderthalis into extinction. Besides more than 30K years of seperation would have introduced too much genetic drift for the populations to be cross-fertile. If the colonists aren't cross-fertile with Earthlings, they wouldn't be Homo Sapien, but would be something new.

[pull out the hipwaders...here's where the 'stuff' starts to get deep]

6) Who took them away?

Singleton: Unknown.

Me: Earth has been visited 3 times.
Once by the W'rkncacnter 65 million years ago. He came to stay.
Once by whoever the Jjaro sent to 'fix' the W'rkncacnter (and no, the holographic diplomat doesn't count, since he was just a projection, & couldn't take anybody with him). Not the Fixer, too recent.

And once by whoever dropped the alien pipes near the bottom of that ziggurat in Yucatan. Built around 5000 years ago. Comfortably within our window. Both near enough and far enough away in time.

7) What do we know about this being?

Singleton: What being?

Me: Well, he liked music . We can also infer that the musician was around during construction of the ziggurat, because while the Mayans could have built the temple & all the doors, he's the only one who could have made 'that' door open at the command of his pipes.

He also wanted that door to be opened, since he left us the key.
Or he never wanted that door opened. He just was in a big hurry to leave, and simply forgot his instrument.

I'm not making this stuff up. Well, I am, since it's all intrepertation ayway.
But it does all fit.

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