So It Finally Happened (Sad Story)
Posted By: REBDate: 5/3/02 8:08 p.m.

Randall pull the plug on fileball. Go to the main page and you'll get the following message:

Service Temporarily Offline [4/30/02 12pm] - Frigidman™ (owner)

This is quite temporary.

When FileBall returns, the same rules will be in place regarding accounts, file postings, and file downloads (meaning everything is free). Also it will hopefully return in a new hosting facility (thus why it is temporarily down). DNS has to change, machines have to move, and hardware has to be upgraded, I'm swamped!

I don't like these sites charging for anything, and banner ads blow (which make no money, and just piss people off). I think charging for memberships is not a viable solution either. These sites always were, and always will be better than other download places that make money off posting other peoples work. At least the authors here post their files themselves.

This service has been going for 3 years for free, and I would hate to change that now. I guess I am just crazy. I must be, because I still am looking to get this service running again, and attempting to find new funding instead of charging membership fees. I don't owe anyone anything for running these sites out of my own pocket for as long as I have. Those who are grateful, I thank you for your support. Those that took it all for granted, kiss my ass.

Further explicit details will be made available on the web site when the FileBall service returns.

Goodbye for now, but stay tuned to the return of a really great archive service for creators and consumers!

There's a hidden message in the html source, between the 3rd and 4th paragraphs:

Some other notes:

CDs will be for sale for the the archives. Email me about getting a CD of files to tide you over during the downtime.

Anyone who had mass-deleted their files out of hasty immaturity will never be eligible to sign up in the future and post files. Since those who have done this were only the riff-raff of the Mill no one cared about, they will not be missed, and we are actually glad (all of us, in the world).

Well, we see it coming. You know what the feeling I have about this? The same I had when I was a little warlock, I mean kid and me and my mother were shopping. I ask her to come and see the toy section, hoping that she'll buy something for me. She replies: "Well come back later," and later become never. Hope I'm wrong.

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