sound from marathon(1)
Posted By: 273BeLow (Fernando.)Date: 5/3/02 1:56 a.m.

Hey all well decided since my train was cancelled without reason (thanks Scotrail) to come home to do my publishing on the web assessment for college, which of course I am doing on Marathon :D Heh plus they have no macs. .well untrue comp labs are filled with banks of #&&*%^& language transcript error 12^%* wintel boxes and the college has a couple of G4's in the get this.. office *sighs*

So at home with my lovley mac and but ugly pc doing my work I'm starting off with a little flash intro like the start of the original marathon
I can get the images easily -thanks ambrosia- and have the first sound that plays but can't seem to find the other one.. thought it might be in the music file haha resedit "Yeah, it's all in the data fork. Isn't that weird?" yes we love you Bungie :P

So anyone know where I can find the sound? I want to get it without doing something overly complex like recording it as it plays in the game -.-



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