The Classified 19 is completed and ready for downl
Posted By: Gary SimmonsDate: 5/1/02 10:53 a.m.

It’s COLOSSAL, it’s STUPENDOUS, it’s FANTABULOUS… it’s… it’s really really late. Yes folks, this is a project 4 years in the making requiring an entire 4 months of actual effort. Some of you might call us slackers but this project is on the scale of the building of the great pyramid of Cheops, well, on that scale in slave deaths at least. It does differ slightly in that while the slaves in Egypt died mostly in construction accidents, our slaves died at their own hands after constant repetitive beta testing where they found the same errors day after day.

The Evil Petting Zoo presents The Classified 19: Chapter One, a PLOT based scenario that is big on story as well as big on story. Regrettably, if you cannot read you are forbidden to play the game, go play Quake. The Classified Nineteen is a Marathon Infinity based, 18 level, solo scenario with an additional 10 net maps and a few extra goodies.

Experience for yourself the amazing Tilthe machine, a history research device that allows one to observe past events as they transpire in the first person perspective of the people who lived through it! You can: wrestle naked oiled Peruvian amazons as Francisco Pizarro in the 16th century, squish history’s very first picnic ant with your own virtual thumb, or suddenly look up to briefly see the tiny reflection of a startled Usama bin Laden in the glass lens of a laser guided bomb. At least that is what I would do, but Sean Phelps (the project leader) had other ideas and a detailed SciFi story set in the Marathon universe to go with it. Live the adventures of Kahn Zhang in the terrible events leading up to the destruction of Polaris in 2887 AD. Participate in future history!

The Classified 19 introduces BOB Bots™, normal BOBs with abnormal physics abilities making them formidable opponents (they will even use invisibility powerups) that allow you to play some TC19 net maps in solo mode. That‘s great news for those of you without network capabilities. BOB Bots feature the exclusive Dial-A-Drubbing allowing you to turn them up for some loose-tooth saloon brawling or turn them down… er, for your little sister.

Download The Classified 19 today at:

Gary Simmons
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The Classified Nineteen

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