Halo cheats
Posted By: Vid BoiDate: 4/26/02 9:32 a.m.

This totally MUST have been posted, but:

I was looking around the net trying to find a way to play DVDs on my Häxbox without paying large amounts of cash to a company that is so god damn greedy and consists of only cheap bastards, that it will force people to pay for features that should have been built in as if they weren't satisfied with the 500 bucks us poor people already spend on the damn machine, when I found an interesting site of Häxbox hacking. Some guys looked around and found some invisible Halo files and found interesting strings:


cheat_all_powerups drops all powerups near player
cheat_all_weapons drops all weapons near player
cheat_all_vehicles drops all vehicles on player <--- :)
cheat_teleport_to_camera teleports player to camera location
cheat_active_camouflage gives the player active camouflage
cheat_active_camouflage_local_player gives the player active camouflage
cheats_load reloads the cheats.txt

texture_cache_flush don't make me kick your ass
sound_cache_flush i'm a rebel!


### ERROR does this ever happen?? -- tell Bernie!!
### ERROR bink failed to fucking steal some fucking memory from the fucking texture cache
### ERROR hey - don't even try it! (uniform sprite sequences) don't fucking swim in that septic tank with your mouth open like that

Seems like there are cheats here. Or? Also, a Marathon reference! (don't make me kick your ass)

the source

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