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Posted By: Loren PetrichDate: 4/23/02 2:38 p.m.

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: Spring having arrived, and being somewhat of an insect fanatic, I was
: wonderig, whats the advantage(If any) of having 4 winds as opposed to 2?

4 wings instead of 2 wings?

This is more likely some sort of accident of development than anything adaptive. Interestingly, some early insects (Paleodictyoptera, from the Carboniferous and Permian, 350-250 myr) had three pairs of wings, one on each thoracic segment. But the frontmost one may have been somewhat troublesome, because all later insects have wings only on the middle and rear thoracic segments.

The thoracic segments also have the walking legs, and this may be no coincidence. Which aquatic arthropods insects had evolved from is uncertain, though some molecular-evolution evidence suggests a close relationship with certain of the crustaceans, making insects a sort of land shrimp. Aquatic crustaceans often have gills growing from the bases of their legs, and these could have been faithfully preserved on the surviving six legs of ancestral insects -- and later turned into wings.

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