Anyboy Have Played Nehahra?
Posted By: REBDate: 4/22/02 11:19 a.m.

It's a cool Quake Mod that's also available for the Mac (OS 9.) It showed me all the things missing in Aleph One, which propably will never be added.

Nehahra is a fan-made sequel of Quake 1 story. Ranger appears at the begining, but the player is actually a friend of him. Near the end you fight this dragon, Nehahra (some people in here will know the story behind Quake and the dragon.) The dragon uses the same sound as the PiD banshee. The effect is phenomenal.

It's amazing to see that the influence of such an old game as PiD is still felt today across platforms. http://www.planetquake.com/nehahra/

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