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Posted By: Callie21VDate: 4/19/02 4:13 p.m.

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The intent seems to have been to recreate the Halo screenshot as closely as possible using the Marathon engine. If you flip the Halo image horizontally (just hold your monitor up to a mirror ;), all the elements of the scene match up:

- Player is hoisting a SPNKR on left shoulder
- Two spiky-headed, blue Hunterish guys in the center
- Bob with "eyepatch" rushing towards the marine's right, with debris under his feet
- Purple architecture (hence the use of M1 textures)
- Recessed area of a different color behind the Hunters

BTW, is it just my imagination or was the Bob inserted in "post-production"? He doesn't fit into the scene's perspective, and he doesn't register on the motion sensor.

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