Quick News About Aftermath
Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 4/15/02 4:58 a.m.

In Response To: lack of update at scenario news!!! (Simon dupuis)

: to alls scenario leaders that hide here, post news and let us know you're
: still alive please!!!
: Simon of team sigma
: Orion of Solace
: Drew of team Flatline
: why i ask? maybe to heard from the others leaders probably...
: btw, the Sigma website was update, and the site of Solace too

Aftermath is going fine. We where half dead for a long time but now we have recruited two new members, Lew and Christian. And Everything is going fine. We will update our website soon.
In the meantime, Eat some rockets

btw... Solace is looking awesome, Canīt wait for it! and portal of sigma, you just going to love that pistols :-)

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