More Mapmaking Firsts...?
Posted By: :: Beer Can ::Date: 4/14/02 4:45 a.m.

I just "rediscovered" an old favourite, which I believe has a few "firsts" in its many polygons:

"No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors!"

By "Grag".


This map was created July of 1996, has a functional stove, a working sink, an active video arcade (3-D chess, anyone?), and a story-point revolving around a submerged wall you have to actually blow a hole through!

The ol' "Flash Bang" trick.

The stove has four burners, with a button for each. When you hit a button, the burner doesn't just "pop-on": There's a delay as it "warms-up"! Wild!

Are these the first appearances of such items?

Map looks just dandy in its original M2 Shapes running under Aleph One...and it also has a different but just as cool "look & feel" in the Infinity Shapes environment, again under Aleph One.

Check it out.

:: Beer Can ::

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More Mapmaking Firsts...?:: Beer Can :: 4/14/02 4:45 a.m.
     Re: More Mapmaking Firsts...?Steve Levinson 4/14/02 4:44 p.m.

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