Re: Yaay I'm #473
Posted By: DjofDate: 4/9/02 12:49 p.m.

In Response To: Yaay I'm #473 (Vid Boi)

: I'm number 473 on the Halo SETI Marines list thingie ! That's cool, like, a
: 4, a 7, and a 3. All Marathon!

Heh, I'm 37th :P

I'm very proud of my 6h40 /work unit because my first hundred of blocs ere done at 25h/wu. Sweet overclocked Athlon. :) I know that can't beat the "Jjaro tech" (linking to the story page), but damn! What kind of CPU is that!??! HP? Alpha?

I already got the "cheap" anwsers. I want to know the real Tru7h!

"Je me souviens"

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