Posted By: Vid BoiDate: 4/3/02 12:25 p.m.

Good lord! I just visited the Halo "cheat codes" page on allhäxbox. It was horrible! The whole place is full of spazeroids who are submitting tips from the manual over and over and calling them cheats!

And what the heck is "Fo Hammer," really? And the "little computer chick?" =)

And which Matt is calling the cartographer "catogifer!" ;)

And hey, you guys, you know something really cool!! If you press the flashlight button when using the sniper, you get night vision! WOW! This will help me a lot I had no idea!

This one is also good: "Ever want to know what the Covenents tank name is? Well, just get a banshee and push him over, it will take a few times." It reminds me - how the heck did I know what its name was? Is it somewhere on HBO or what? I don't remember reading it anywhere, I just....like, know it...

Not wanting to sound like an evil person, I add that even though most of the posts are written by spazeroids, there are some that are serious and written by normal, great Halo players. Someone even proved it by naming himself John 117. There.

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