Holy Jesus Crap (?!)
Posted By: ErnieDate: 4/1/02 5:58 p.m.

""I don't think you ever find that out, but it's the same character." says Seropian. "God, we've never said that before, but it's completely obvious. Cortana isn't in Marathon, but there are three AI's in there that came from the same stylistic storyline.""

OK, so now this DOES mean that its the same character in both Marathon and Halo...

That means:
-The Marathon marine was BORN AFTER the launch of the marathon (since the dates of the Marathon launch, and the dates given in The Halo book Fall of Reach), yet he still somehow is a child while The Marathon is puttering towards Tau Ceti, and its inevitable meeting with the p'fhor.

This i could see happening ONLY is there is some bizzarre time traveling going on.. somewhere, some time.

-The marathon marine is also named John (117, whatever). How would ...

Ack, my head hurts. Please, people help me reason this out.


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