The Colt .45 in PID
Posted By: DarksbaneDate: 3/28/02 8:57 p.m.

Hey, I noticed that you said the Colt .45 was phased out in 1984.

Well, that may have been officially true, but when I recall a conversation I had with my cousin, assigned to a tank unit during the Persian Gulf.

We were shooting around with a fancy little semi-automatic with a laser sight that he had bought recently.

I asked, "So, did you use something like this in the gulf?"

"Heck no," he replied; "we only wished for them. We were using WWI issue Colt .45's, and lucky to have them."

So, regardless what the official word was, those ancient colts were still in use in Desert Storm, the war which the US loves to praise as the triumph of superior technology, a date not that far from pathways.


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The Colt .45 in PIDDarksbane 3/28/02 8:57 p.m.
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