Spilling my memories on my marathon past
Posted By: BillDate: 3/26/02 6:32 p.m.

Hi guys, i thought i'd post here to try to bring back those precious moments of my marathon history... After i got into Halo, i started to remember about a game i played... HOLY SHEEP SHIT!!!! Half of a dozen years ago...
I am posting this message here because when you write stuff out it helps bring back your memory (well for me at least, and oh hell some of you may find this humorous)

I remember, way back in the day... I must have been 8/9 years old at the time every so often i would go over my friends house to play he's cool new game called marathon, kill "blue-aliens" and "green-aliens" after a dozen hours on that go outside with toy guns and kill some more "blue-aliens" and "green-aliens" until well after dark, then go up to his room and waste even more "green-aliens"(green army men) and "blue-aliens" (i think now they would be types of the P'hor(i hope i spelled it right) all night. jeez, i remember that was soo much fun, if any of the readers never played marathon with toy guns out in the forrest after dark i suggest you do before its too late. Now, i don't remember getting the story(when i was 9), but when we would play out in the woods with our guns (you see what violent games do to kids?!) we would pretend to be on the "colony" and have dropships fly over our heads bringing more green aliens and blue aliens and Bob's (i didnt know what they were at the time, all i remember from the Bob's was the guys who would say "See 'ya starside" then do a nifty star-trek teleport thingie.) And we would run inside to the computer and pretend to type and "recieve" messages from durandal while the other would stay at the door to held off even more, "green- oh well you already know teh rest.... About the gameplay itself(the game, not playing outside in the woods) I remember the bob's in marathon 1 wouldnt shoot, just say "see 'ya starside" and beam out... and in marathon 2 the bobs would actually hold guns(wow!) even if it was only a pistol to help you... I remember messages woulkd come to you via computer screens throughout the levels but no memories of them themself... Then, we came to a chapter called "counter-attack" and it showed a whole bunch of humans holding big huge giant guns and after that we had a lot of bob's on our side and we killed a lot of people...
I could go into much greater depth [about playing outside in the woods after dark :) ] but i'm not :(

sorry for the randomness of my post, i just though this was an appropriate place to revive all my old marathon memories...

If any of you can tell me where to get any PC versions (demos) of the game would be greately appreciated, i have read all the transmissions from marathon 1 & 2 and read all sorts of story crap so i know the story(except for marathon infinity)

-an old marathon player

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