Celer Manus Dei
Posted By: Tim BraninDate: 5/13/01 9:43 a.m.

It wasn't until recently that I figured out what the names on the Marathon sticker set meant (From the Marathon Trilogy Box Set)
U.E.S.C. Marathon, Celer Manus Dei, and Cr'etz'ih. After doing a run through of the game I had figured out that Celer Manus Dei was the name of Durandal's JJaro Dreadnaught, and Cr'ets'ih, and was the name of Tycho's Pfhore ship. As For "U.E.S.C. Marathon" I haven't the slightes .dea what that is suppose to mean.
But anyway, on the end screen of Marathon 2 It say that Durandal's ship was named "Manus Celer Dei". Now was this an accident made by the people who printed the stickers, or just another attempt by the people at Bungie to tie another knot in the tangeled mess that is THE MARATHON STORY.

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