Uh.. ok Hamish...
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: Page 310 Paragraph 4-

: "Can-control-" James' voice was punctured with static.
: "They're-everywhere-"

: Page 331 Paragraph 8-

: He cocked his head as the symbols and numbers scrolled across the NAV
: console.
: The representations of Slipspace vectors and velocity curves twisted across
: the screen-tantalizingly familiar. He'd seen them somewhere before-but he
: could not make the connection.
: ________________________________________________________________________________
: The significance of the above quotes is because of the seeming alliteration
: to Marathon. The, "he'd seen them somewhere before" quote is
: something we've seen before 8^) However it wasn't in a dream that Master
: Chief Petty Officer/Spartan-117/John saw the slipspace (FTL) vectors and
: velocity curves... he saw them on an ancient relic that he recovered from
: a mission when he was 14 years old. Anyway, the ancient relic had the
: exact location of where Halo is located. I'd venture a guess that the
: Covenant wanted the *probably Jjaro* relic so they could also find Halo
: (and its' secrets) before the Humans did, but when Reach fell and they saw
: the PoA flying away, some of the ships followed and got there first. The
: jump calculations Cortana made weren't entirely random, but did fit in the
: Cole Protocol. The rest of the crew thinks they're going to the Covenant
: homeworld, according to the book, when they find Halo. Although it seems
: like the Captain wanted to see it up close anyway.
: Oh yeah, Master Chief might not be the only Spartan left. He brought the
: clinically dead body of his commrade on board the PoA and froze her, so
: she might be able to be restored should surgeon work their voodoo magic.

I posted the thing about Cortana first right here...

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