Volunteers: Curiouser and Curiouser
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/16/01 10:52 p.m.

Sorry this is late, I've been a bit busy...

This is the first time the Nar are mentioned in the game. Not that they're very relevant, but it's good to see the universe being fleshed out a bit. It's not just Pfhor and S'pht out there any more.

This level is a set of concentric rings, with additional stuff built inside and around them. There are three panels to smash on this level, opening the door to the final terminal. If you manage to get through the doors too soon (usually by using a "jetpack" physics model), Durandal will mock your wall-walking abilities. Apparently someone at Bungie had too much time on their hands :) (This is not the first such terminal in the game; I believe that would be the underground terminal on What About Bob, but no one mentioned it when we did that level :\).

A difficult level, you will be attacked from several sides when you leave the first room. Retreat to the nearby slime canal, it has two pattern buffers and a 2x health charger, and the troopers are unwilling to jump in to chase you. Beware of packs of Flick'ta and cyborgs in corners, however. This ring is not complete, it gets cut off in the northeast for the secret exit from the outdoor moat.

The central area of the level is divided into two halves, each of which has one of the circuits to be smashed. There's also a sliver in the south that has a pattern buffer and oxygen charger. The first circuit is most easily accessed through the door on the south side of the northwest end of the corridor, and the second through either of the doors on the west side of the east half of the corridor.

The third circuit takes a bit more work. At the north end of the level are two platforms that must be raised by shooting switches. If you're out of grenades and/or fusion ammo, jumping into the trench will net you a small bit in the northeast, right next to a submerged door that returns you to the main area. The west passage has the last circuit, the right one has the terminal (and the more difficult switch to shoot). One thing I noticed while heading bak through the level is that one of the circuits disables the first terminal.

Ready to eat it, vid boi?

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Volunteers: Curiouser and CuriouserMark Levin 10/16/01 10:52 p.m.
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