Re: Volunteers: Pfhor Your Eyes Only
Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 8/13/01 6:44 p.m.

In Response To: Volunteers: Pfhor Your Eyes Only (Mark Levin)

: Welcome to the revolution... the first thing you will notice on this level is
: that your motion tracker is broken. Get ready to be startled a lot. The
: second thing you will notice is the Marathon floating in the distance
: instead of the Pfhor ship. A great way of driving home the point that you
: can have come a very long way.

Hm... The first thing I noticed was the strange, but oddly pleasing music. We've never heard this track before... If you keep on your toes, you'll learn to work without your motion sensor and rely on sounds instead (funny, I thought I closed that door behind me...).

: This level introduces the first totally new monster since the Lookers on
: Shake Before Using: the Enforcers. Aren't they supposed to never fire on
: humans? :P

Well, you could take this two ways, maybe the enforcers shoot at the player because he isn't a human, or maybe they are allowed to shoot human intruders (on the ship).

: Unlike Marathon 2, killing Enforcers with explosives in
: Marathon 1 still yields alien weapons (but it does get lost if you burn
: them).

: On a related note, a bug in Marathon's physics makes grenades
: travel in a perfectly straight line, insted of dropping slowly to the
: floor as they do in M2.

Not really a bug, if you bring it into perspective with tozt flying...

: Another heart attack occurs when you find the empty Hunter armor at the back
: of the green slime room (second door along the main hallway). Did we ever
: decide if the Hunters were robots or Pfhor wearing suits?

Their mobility would suggest Pfhor inside of highly electronic armor.

This seemed to me like one of the shortest, and most enjoyable levels in the game. The design was quite exotic, and in some cases, beautiful. The best Pfhor level by far.

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