Re: Volunteers - Blaspheme Quarantine
Posted By: 7revor SmithDate: 8/5/01 11:48 a.m.

In Response To: Volunteers - Blaspheme Quarantine (William Spencer)

: This level, again, almost but not quite looks like a real place. Which, in a
: game like this, is as close to realistic as you're going to get. :) The
: multiple interconnecting rooms of the first region make this look like a
: high-use area. Good mix of bad-guys in the first area; the hulks on the
: ground, blue fighters up above, you dodging through the doors and around
: corners. Fun.

Realistic? This level? Hah!

I do like the alien selection. Plenty of fighters and compilers, plus a few hulks to stir things up a bit. None of those annoying torropers or hunters which we were bashed over the head with in the previous level.

I seem to recall there being a Bob somewhere on this level in the demo version. What was a Bob doing here?

: I like how Durandal encourages you to ask questions about life, the universe,
: and everything, and then answers them. "'cause you are, 'cause you
: do, 'cause I got a shotgun, and you ain't got one." Heh heh. So he
: does...we don't get the shotgun 'til M2. Too bad - I'd like to try taking
: on Hulks with a pair of WSTE-M5's.

Poor hulk...

: And, of course, the Durandal song. Hm, is there a MIDI anywhere around of the
: tune, for those of us who don't know about this band?

I'm afraid "Whirling Death Spike" is not a real band, but you knew that, right?

To my suprise, I made it through the level without taking any hits or recharging. I'll need the 2x health for BobBQ... :)

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