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Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 7/28/01 8:35 a.m.

In Response To: Volunteers - Never Burn Money (William Spencer)

This level is quite a departure from those before it: Very large spaces, multiple interconnected levels, and lots of windows through which you can get a preview of what's to come and snipe at aliens waiting to ambush you, the last a design element which is sadly underused in the rest of the game.

I agree with the "real spaceship" comments, this level was built to be used. I find myself wondering what things are used for as I pass them.

I didn't try the Deprivation Chamber just now since I don't think it would be doable with M1's bugs under OS X, but I did notice that there are exactly two Compilers on this level: The one reading the Gherritt White terminal, and the one reading the other garbage terminal. More evidence of a connection between the two.

If you grab the last chip and then head back to the main level area, you see that the original ending terminal, before Leela redirected you, is the same as the real exit terminal (Leela will give you the same message and teleport you out from either). Attention to detail...

Don't miss the secret panel in a room off to the side of the manufacturing area, it's got some extra ammo.

Never Burn Money also has the first music that I really liked, I didn't much care for the airy tunes on the first two levels. This is also the first level that presents you with large-scale combat, you've been fighting enemies in isolated twos and threes so far (mostly). All together, this is where the game really started to take off for me.

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