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Posted By: VoodooLabRatDate: 4/5/02 8:46 p.m.

In Response To: Map of the month (D-M.A.)

: Who is responsible for "map of the month"? Ah, what the heck, it's
: June soon anyways...

Yes, who *IS* responsible for the MotM, I think I uploaded a few maps like a year ago. The 'pfhivepack' is the name, one of the five was updated/redesigned (it had too much of the Hazard texture LoL, and was quite marathon1-ish) to M inf. standards, "The Cyborg Quadrille". Anyway, it would be so cool if a retro map like that got to push out all those fancy-pants M inf. maps(you know the type, 1024 polygons, and plays on the verge of crashing all the time) for MotM. Oh yea, the other 4 maps in that pack aren't half bad either, however I could expand on them if I still had my old Mac. :P

Just making sure you guys are still alive.

Seriously, it's amazing that people still play this game after so many years (a decade of Marathon is coming up), however I usually just make maps for fun.


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