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Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 2/26/02 9:29 a.m.

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: P.S. Just out of curiosity and to stoke/deflate my ego, were there
: any terms that people particularly liked or disliked in Rubicon?
: I was always proud of the "color of hate" term, even if it was a
: little bit over the top.

Max - you did a great job! I liked your Durandal a lot - I really think that you captured his sarcasm perfectly, in spite of what some others have said. I also appreciated the attention to detail. With so many 3rd party scenarios and even parts of the original M trilogy, terminal text is fixed and does not change with completion of level goals. I liked the fact that the player could revisit terminals earlier in the level - even ones they shouldn't have been able to access - and get a different, often secret message.

As you probably know (it's documented in my secrets guide), there's a terminal on Five Finger Discount that says "DTB is for Pansies" after you have reached the core. Unfortunately, it's easily accessible from the core area through a window, so this is an amusing bug. My only other complaint is that you went too far with the Bernard Strauss background story - it strayed too far from the original Marathon story. I did enjoy your Color of Hate story - that was so typical of Durandal. I also liked his comments on Pfhor tastes (or lack there of) in interior design and their use of language. A wonderful job overall.

BTW - the Rubicon site is no longer fully functional, and the forum doesn't work at all. Is there any chance you can look into this?

-Steve Levinson
Marathon Addict and Rubicon affectionado

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